A Four-Module Online Course with Dr. Sonia Sequeira

Yoga & the Neuroscience

of Healing

Harnessing the Power of the Brain


The Ancient Wisdom permeating all spiritual traditions reveals that a human being is 1% matter and 99% energy or consciousness. The root cause of all human experience lives in the 99% and only within consciousness can one activate the process of permanent healing. The revolutionary concept of a mind-body connection has long been known to Yogis and is now gaining accelerated scientific and medical interest in Western cultures.  In this practical course, participants will learn the fundamental laws of health and disease according to Yoga, experience select yoga practices to move gracefully through complex times, and review some of the most important advances in the new field of meditation sciences that are impacting individual and collective health.

Sonia Sequeira, PhD, is a neuroscientist, yoga instructor, and Head of the Drug Development Program for Clinical Trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. She has been teaching yoga since 1997 and is a certified instructor in Hatha, Kundalini, and Naam Yoga. Integrating her training in clinical research and contemplative practices, she leads pivotal clinical trials on the safety and efficacy of Meditation. Dr. Sequeira is the Founder and Director of the Institute for Meditation Sciences and the Advances in Meditation Sciences Conference Series.  


Yoga Teachings on the Root of Disease
Pranayama and Mantra in Healing
Select Yoga Practices
Tools to Develop Health & Well-being
Neuroscience, Consciousness & Genetics
Applied Meditation Sciences


MODULE #1: The Neuroscience of Love

We are born to love and be loved. In this module, participants will have the opportunity to deeply connect with the meaning and practice of Universal Love and its power to heal individually and collectively. The current neuroscientific framework for the experience of love and the effects on health and wellbeing will be discussed.

MODULE #2: The Breath of Life

Our focus in this module is Pranayama, which is the training of the breath, so as to make it slow and subtle. Pranayama leads to the experience of the steady flow of energy (prana), which is beyond or underneath exhalation, inhalation, and the transitions between them. According to most spiritual teachings, the breath is the first step towards replacing negative patterns with positive ones and developing a state of consciousness that makes the implications of our actions apparent, preventing further trauma. Participants will practice Pranayama and learn about the connection between breath and the nervous system from the lens of Yoga and Modern Neuroscience.

MODULE #3: Healing Consciousness

Health is born within a positive consciousness. This session will provide participants with more advanced tools to practice living from our highest consciousness rather than from intellect. The human Brain and Heart polarities and their relationship with mind, breath, mantra and visualization described in yogic scriptures will be studied. 

MODULE #4: Spiritual Epigenetics

In this final session, participants will integrate the teachings from prior modules and reflect on healing present and future generations. We will learn that the human genome evolves through our thoughts, feelings and actions and review groundbreaking science that indicates that we can re-write our destiny.


4 Downloadable Video Lectures
4 Downloadable MP3 Files
Course Readings
Course Syllabus
10 Yoga Alliance Cont. Ed. Credits
10 Embodied Philosophy Credits

Join Dr. Sonia Sequeira as she explores the mind-body connection, long known by yogis, which has attracted accelerated scientific and medical interest in recent years.

Students who take this course will take home:

  • Key teachings on the root of disease beyond the mechanics of the body, through the lens of Yoga
  • The central role of Pranayama and Mantra in healing according to eastern spirituality explained within a neuroscientific framework
  • Experience of select yoga practices to move gracefully through complex times
  • Practical tools for all ages to develop health and wellbeing in this age
  • The effects of consciousness on our genetic makeup and a call for proactive healing of future generations
  • An overview of the most recent advances in applied meditation sciences

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Yoga & the Neuroscience of Healing

Harnessing the Power of the Brain


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