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Tarka is in Print.

TARKA is a quarterly journal that explores yoga philosophy, contemplative studies, and the world’s wisdom and esoteric traditions. The journal’s guiding mission is to dissolve the institutionalized boundaries between scholarly, devotional, and embodied methods, in an effort to forge a new paradigm of cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural research and practice.

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Inside Each Issue...

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Scholarly, devotional and introductory articles on contemplative studies and wisdom teachings.

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Original art commissioned for each issue to augment the issue theme.

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Original translations of ancient texts by Embodied Philosophy Faculty.

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Outlines of practices connected to the quarterly theme.

From the Introduction to our first print issue, On Bhakti.

"In this issue of the TARKA journal, On Bhakti, we explore the concept of devotion, especially from a Vaiṣṇava Hindu perspective, including an in depth look at the teachings of the poet-saint Śri Caitanya, the Tamil Āḻvārs, the yogas of the Bhagavad Gītā, Kṛṣṇa devotion, andthe Nārada Bhakti Sūtras. Bhakti is a central element within many of the traditions that stem from the Indian subcontinent. This issue of Tarka highlights the Vaiṣṇava tradition, in part because of its overt and systematic emphasis on bhakti and, in part, because in looking at a single tradition with more detail, we hope to attain a more authentic and comprehensive facet of the whole. A selection of shorter articles presents fundamental terms that relate to bhakti. The articles onrelating to a deity, pilgrimage, Sanskrit study, and kirtan all explore elements of practice. In this issue, the scholarly and the philosophical are set alongside practical instruction and reflections anchored in practice. Devotion may appear to be at odds with the move in modern yoga towards secularism and the focus on health and well-being, yet a greater level of satisfaction and insight in modern life may be possible through an embrace of bhakti."

~ Stephanie Corigliano, Tarka Editor in Chief

Current & Upcoming Issues of the Tarka Journal

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Issue 0

On the

Exploring the movement of the scholar-practitioner.

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Issue 1

On Bhakti

Exploring the concept of devotion, especially from a Vaiṣṇava Hindu perspective.

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Issue 2

On Illusion

Exploring illusion as it is understood through contemplative concepts. 

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Issue 3

On Ecology

Exploring concepts of nature and their affects on ecological activism.

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Issue 4
(Coming March 2021!)

On Death

Exploring the topic of death from the perspective of contemplative traditions.

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Issue 5
(Coming May 2021!)

On Queer Dharma

Highlighting contemplative traditions that honor queerness of dharma and the dharma of queerness.

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