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Embodied Philosophy is an online educational platform for Eastern Philosophy and Contemplative Studies. Our programming has become a go-to resource for yoga teachers and practitioners, therapists, wellness facilitators and spiritual leaders. The Wisdom School is a community of devoted learners, committed to ongoing study for the evolution of their personal and professional practices. 

As a member of the Wisdom School - Sage Level, you will receive access to our entire course library, now with over 375 hours of in depth explorations of Yoga Philosophy, Contemplative Studies and MindBody Therapy. 

You'll receive 2+ new courses every month, most of them live and interactive. Participate in bi-annual elections to vote on which courses will be brought to the Wisdom School. 

If you watch even just one course per month, you will save 50% off the individual course price. If you watch 2 courses per month, you're saving $2400 per year as a member.

See below for a full list of courses available NOW on demand with some of the most respected teachers in the world.

Monthly Seminars | Live & Interactive!

Yoga Seminar

A new live and interactive talk every month on yoga philosophy, yoga research, yoga therapy and practice. Attend live or watch the recording. Unlimited access to past Yoga Seminar talks.

MindBody Seminar

A new live and interactive talk every month on contemplative therapies, somatic research and innovative approaches to therapy and healing. Attend live or watch the recording. Unlimited access to past MindBody Seminar talks.

Sanskrit Seminar

Ongoing Studies in Sanskrit with Sanskrit teacher and scholar-practitioner Zoë Slatoff. Get access to the On-Demand Archive of Sanskrit Lessons and all upcoming live and interactive sessions.

Lecture Library

Access to 200+ hours of On Demand content, including...





Live Courses Coming to Wisdom School...

Bhakti Poetry

March 18th - April 8th
with Stephanie Corigliano

What is Modern Yoga?

March 31st - April 28th
With Marcy Goldstein & Ramesh Bjonnes

Goddess & Early Tantra

May 2020
with Laura Amazzone
Yoga Philosophy

Deity & Devotion

April 16th - May 7th
with Kavitha Chinnaiyan
Yoga Philosophy

Yoga & Contemplative Science

June 2020
with Joe Loizzo

Shiva Sutras

June 2020
with Jacob Kyle

Somatic Stress Release

April 2020
with Scott Lyons

Contemplative Psychology

May 2020
with Miles Neale

Trauma Therapy: A Body-Centered Approach

June 2020
with Albert Wong

Cognitive Neuroscience: A Holistic Approach

May 2020
with Christine Caldwell

The Art of Breathing

April 2020
with Mary Reilly Nichols

The 10 Mahavidyas

June 2020
with Constantina Rhodes



Classical Yoga Philosophy
Contemplative Science
Somatic Therapies
Shamanic Healing Techniques
Yoga & Neuroscience
Ancient Yoga Traditions
Yoga History
Trauma-Informed Teachings
Meditation Research
Buddhist Philosophy
Tantrik Yoga Philosophy
Meditation Traditions
Spiritual Practices
Therapeutic Techniques
Healing Modalities

Students will:

  • Receive 2+ new courses per month - one in MindBody Therapy and one in Yoga Philosophy.
  • Receive weekly lectures curated from our recent live events.
  • Enrich their personal and professional practices with continuing education modules.
  • Identify the information, mis- and dis-information embedded in received understandings of Eastern philosophy and contemplative studies; dissect facts from fictions.
  • Encounter some of yoga history’s most colorful and influential teachers.  Discover fascinating and even contested details about yoga’s origins, history, philosophies, and future.
  • Vote once or twice a year on what courses they want to see presented in the Wisdom School.
  • Study with scholars, researchers, academics, doctors, healers, mystics and luminary teachers from around the world. 
  • Get the opportunity to participate in our growing community of seekers.
  • Learn transformative contemplative techniques to integrate into your life and share with your family and friends.
  • Discover innovative research that integrates contemplative studies with exciting areas of scholarship and science

Vote for the Courses You Want

Once or twice per year, the Wisdom School holds elections to choose which courses will be launched in the coming months. We want the Wisdom School to be your school, and we want the courses to be the ones most important to our community of students.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently 41 on-demand courses in the Sage Wisdom School Library. That's over 375 hours of in-depth explorations into contemplative studies.

Here is a comprehensive list of all current courses in the Library:

Ancient Wisdom for Elemental Healing Niralli D'Costa
Attachment Theory: An Embodied Approach Maureen Gallagher
Bhagavad Gita Robert Lindsey
Bhakti Yoga Edwin Bryant
Buddhist Psychology & Contemplative Psychotherapy: Integrating the Embodied Mind Joe Joizzo
Chakras Illuminated Christopher Hareesh Wallis
Charge & the Energy Body: Enhancing the Life Force of the Chakras Anodea Judith
Embodied Leadership & Somatic Coaching Richard Strozzi-Heckler
Embodying Social Justice: Understanding the Trauma of Oppression Rae Johnson
Embracing Diversity: Exploring Worldview Pluralism Jeffery Long
Foundations of Non-Dual Tantra Kavitha Chinnaiyan
Hidden Teachings of the Yoga Sutra Graham Schweig
I Am That: The Pervasive Nectar of Non-Duality Mary Reilly Nichols
Indian Philosophy: Paths & Worldviews Jeffery Long
Inner Child Work Jay Earley
Intro to MindBody Therapy Scott Lyons & Christine Caldwell
Introduction to Sanskrit: A Seminar Zoë Slatoff
Kundalini Yoga Pranayams David Shannahoff-Khalsa
Lakshmi: Four Paths to Abundance Constantina Rhodes
Light in the Shadow: Shadow Yoga, Shamanism & Psychology Isa Gucciardi
Navarathri: An Inner Path to Shakti Kavitha Chinnaiyan
Non-Duality: Discovering Wholeness Through Advaita Vedanta Neil Dalal
Non-Violent Communication David Weinstock
Oppression, Privilege and Spiritual Practice Multiple Teachers
Power, Privilege and Difference in the Clinical Relationship Rae Johnson
Psychedelic Integration: Integrating Psychedelics into Spiritual Practice Multiple Teachers
Pyschoanalysis & Tibetan Buddhism: An Unfolding Partnership Pilar Jennings
Re-Pairing: Practices for Cultivating the Embodiment of Intimacy David Bullard
Roots & Branches of Yoga (Course 1): The Ancient Period Marcy Goldstein & Ramesh Bjonnes
Roots & Branches of Yoga (Course 2): The Premodern Period Marcy Goldstein & Ramesh Bjonnes
Samkhya Philosophy - The Liberating Dualism Jacob Kyle
Shakti: Faces of the Goddess Laura Amazzone
The Realization Process Judith Blackstone
The Science of Spirit: How the New Science of Embodied Mind is Changing the World Joe Loizzo
The Univeral Mystic: Meditation, the Brain and Humanity's Mystical Birthright Kenneth Rose
The Vedas: Exploring the Source of Yoga Katy Jane
Tibetan Buddhism: A Path of Becoming Fully Human Miles Neale
Traditions of Meditation Tias Little
Virtual Reality, Māyā, and Yoga's Virtual Bodies Kenneth Rose
Yoga & the Neuroscience of Healing: Hasrnessing the Power of the Brain Sonia Sequeira
Yogini: Empowering Mandalas of the Divine Feminine Laura Amazzone

Every month, 2+ new courses will be added to the Sage Wisdom School – one on a Yoga Philosophy related topic and one on a MindBody Therapy related topic. Future courses are all voted on by the current members of the Wisdom School once or twice per year. New Courses are announced as soon as they are added. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the talks, workshops, lectures and mini-trainings that are avilable on-demand as soon as you enroll: 

Isa Gucciardi Shamans & Siddhas
Mary Reilly Breath and Presence: On the relationship between Prana and Present Moment Awareness
Nataraj Chaitanya OM NAMAH SHIVAYA: Why mantra matters & how to practice it
Zoe Slatoff Yoga Seminar - Why Study Sanskrit?
Chris Chapple Teaching the Yoga Sutras
Hari Kirtana das On the Yamas & Niyamas
Andrea Jain Buying and Selling Yoga: Cultural Appropriation in the Global Industry
Christopher Hareesh Wallis Beyond Wheels: Teaching Chakras Authentically & Powerfully
Tias Little Gravity as Therapy
Isa Gucciardi Depth Hypnosis
Graham Schweig The Supreme Secret of Yoga
Chris Tompkins Kundalinī and the Science of AUM
Helen Lavretsky The Brain and the Health Benefits of Yoga
Seth Powell A Brief History of Yogic Postures in Premodern India
Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan Vedic Chanting & the Art of Vibration
Amy Matthews Dynamic Alignment
Swami Sarvapriyananda Vedanta: Spirituality & Philosophy of the Upanishads
Michelle C. Johnson Skill in Action: Radical Action Through Contemplative Practice
Jacob Kyle Samkhya Philosophy
James Mallinson Hatha Yoga Research
Swami Sarvapriyananda Virtual Reality and Simulation - An Advaita Vedanta Perspective
Ken Rose The Reality of Illusion: The Simulation Hypothesis and Yoga’s Five Bodies
Rizwan Virk Samsara as a Video Game: the Simulation Hypothesis and Religious Traditions
Andrew Holecek Virtual Reality, The Lucidity Principle, and Soteriology
Isa Gucciardi How the Shamanic Journey to Illuminates the Inner World
Joakim Vindenes Virtual Reality as Revealing the Self
Dr. Albert "Skip" Rizzo Is Clinical Virtual Reality Ready for Primetime?
Sarah Hill VR and AR Powered by EEG and Heart Rate for Stress Management
Michael R. Heim How Virtual Reality Advances the Mystic Quest
Dr Jordan Quaglia Am I Virtual Dreaming? Exploring Lucidity in Virtual Reality
Amit Goswami Quantum Physics and the Integration of Science and Spirituality: The Scientific Evidence for God and What We Should do About It
Edwin Bryant Bhakti Yoga in the Vraj (Vrindavan) Tradition
Pranada Comtois Bhakti-Shakti: The Role of the Feminine in Transcendence
Vanamali Mataji Bhakti as given in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita
Hari-kirtana das Serve the Lord to Save the World: Bhakti-yoga as a Call to Action
Jaya Jaganath Das A Love Supreme
Nina Rao Hanuman-ji - The Embodiment of Devotion
Graham Schweig Secret Messages of Divine Love
Christopher Fici The Practice of Engaged Bhakti:
The Art of Devotion for Precarious Times
Neelima Shukla-Bhatt A Bhakti Song and the Making of a Mahatma (should go later on in the conference after people have a context)
Swami Tripurari Lila, Atma, Bhakti, and Bhagavan
David Shannahoff-Khalsa Advanced Pranayama Techniques From Kundalini Yoga As Taught By Yogi Bhajan™
Leslie Kaminoff The Anatomy of Breathwork – Essential Principles and Pervasive Myths
Allison Gemmel Laframboise How Does Pranayama Lead You to Your Highest Self?
Dr. Sameer A. Zope Sudarshan Kriya Yoga: Breathing For Healthy Life
Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Applications of Pranayama
Yoganand (Michael Carroll) History of Pranayama
Jensen Martin The Prana of Paramahansa Yogananda
Mary Nichols Worship the Lord of Prana: Connecting with the Teachings on Breath Awareness
Ana Funes Prāṇacintā: Meditating on the Vital Breath as an Exercise of Bodily Self-Awareness
Kavitha Chinnaiyan Utilizing the Prana Map to Navigate Life and Spiritual Practice
Srivatsa Ramaswami Pranayama and Hatha Yoga
Naimah Efia Healing Backwards & Forwards: UnEarthing the Truth(s) of the Trauma of Oppression
Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis Addressing the Wounds of Historical Trauma and Contemporary Oppression
Oneika Mays Disrupting With Love
Michelle Johnson Skill in Action: Radical Action Through Contemplative Practice
Sage Hayes Justice in the Body
Nityda Gessel Decolonizing the Body and Healing Racial Trauma
Claudia Horwitz Minding the Way
Christine Caldwell Bodyfulness as Contemplative and Embodied Activism
Rae Johnson A Thousand Paper Cuts: Understanding the Complex Trauma of Embodied Microaggressions
Judith Blackstone Trauma and the Unbound Body
David Bullard Re-Pairing: Healing Disturbing and Traumatic Memories
David Berceli Reframing the essential role of tremoring and/or shaking as a result of traumatic or stressful experiences
Isa Gucciardi The Symptom is the Teacher
Anneke Lucas The Unconditional Model: Using one's Whole Self in Trauma Healing
Richard Miller Healing in Wholeness: Tools for Life for Experiencing Indestructible Resilience and Well-Being
Daniel Mintie Reclaiming Life After Trauma: Healing PTSD With Yoga, Mindfulness Practice and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Julie Staples How Yoga and Meditation Work to Heal Trauma Symptoms: the Scientific Foundations
Stephen Porges On Trauma & Polyvagal Theory
Lisa Danylchuk Yoga for Trauma Recovery: Theory, Philosophy and Practice
Yasmin Lambat Unwind Emotional Patterns and Repattern New Neural Pathways
Maria Adelaida Lopez and Natalia Quinones Healing Violence-Related Trauma Through Yoga
Isa Gucciardi Understanding Plants & Plant Medicine
Alexander Belser Psychedelic Medicine, Healing, & Spiritual Experience
Rachel Harris Listening to Ayahuasca
Jae Sevelius Queering Psychedelics
Kenneth Tupper Entheogenic Education: Psychedelics as Tools for Learning
Zach Walsh Psychedelics & the New Behaviorism
Bruce McEwen The Brain on “Stress”: Epigenetic Influences on Brain and Body Health
David Shannahoff Khalsa Kundalini Yoga As Taught By Yogi Bhajan: Selected Contributions to Basic Science and Clinical Treatment, and a Variety of Meditation Techniques for Treating Psychiatric Disorders
Fred Travis Neuroplasticity and Mystical/Nondual Experiences Reported during Meditation Practice
Georgi Y. Johnson What is the One True Choice? Neuroplasticity and Deep Rest in the Unknown
Joe Loizzo Towards a Science of Embodied Mind: Neuroplasticity, Contemplative Practice and the New Scientific Paradigm
Jud Brewer The craving mind: how mindfulness changes the brain to break bad habits and form new ones
Kenneth Rose The Mystic’s Brain: The Biology of Contemplative Practice
and Why It Matters to the Meditator
Sonia Sequeira
Yoga and the Science of Not Reacting
Stephen Porges On the Polyvagal Theory
Zoran Josipovic Nonduality in light of neuroscience - implications for its understanding and practice
Edwin Bryant Astanga Yoga in Sutras and the Gita: A Comparison
Rev. Jaganath Carrera The Yoga Sutras: Mastering the Game of Life
Nikki Costello One Sutra for a Lifetime
Dhanurdhara Swami Surrender Unto Me: The Theme of the Gita and the Goal of Yoga
Pandit Dasa The Bhagavad Gita: Understanding the Self, Duty, Death, Reincarnation and God
Johua M. Greene The Hero's Journey: Bhagavad Gita as Monomyth
Manorama The Rishis' Wisdom: Yoga Sutra and Bhagavad Gita
Matthew Remski Arjuna & Climate Change: A Thought Experiment Inspired by the Bhagavad Gita
Christopher Hareesh Wallis New Findings that Change our Understanding of the Yoga-Sutra
Christopher Tompkins Aversion vs. Connection: The Goal of Yoga & Its Evolution
Raghunath Yoga: Spirituality or Religion?
Mary Reilly Nichols The Glance of Shiva
Anodea Judith Chakras as the Yoke of Yoga
Ramesh Bjonnes Tantra & Sustainability: Environmental Activism as if Spirit Matters
Shambhavi Sarasvati How to Feel Goodness when Everything is Going Wrong
Swami Khecaranatha The Pathway to Freedom within the Nondual Tantric Tradition
Lorin Roche The Radiance Sutras
Christopher Tompkins The Medieval Chakra System of the Divine Mother
Christopher Hareesh Wallis On Recognition
Sally Kempton Following the Nondual Path of the Divine Feminine
Hari Kauer Kundalini and Radical Embodiment
Pandit Rajmani Tigunait The Promise of Tantra
Joe Loizzo Radical Therapies: The Confluence of Breakthrough Science and Timeless Practice
Miles Neale Buddhist Psychotherapy: Reuniting the Twin Streams of Science and Spirituality in a Degenerate Age
Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison Intimacy in End of Life Care
David Berceli The Physical Journey from "Muscle Contraction" to "Chi Activation" to "Higher Vibrational Frequencies"
Angela Warburton Modern Day Chinese Medicine: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Times
David Vago Contemplative Neuroscience: Past and Present Perspectives for the Future Science of Mind
Loren Fishman Yoga in Orthopedics: Research Data on the Powerful Influence of Yoga Practice on a Variety of Conditions
Sameet Kumar Psychedelics & Plant Medicines in Oncology Care
Neal M. Goldsmith Psycheology: Psychedelics and the Study of the Soul
Christine Hoar Ayurvedic Medicine in Theory and Practice
Dave Courchene Indigenous Perspectives on Healing and Wellness
Jason Birch Yoga on the Eve of Colonialism
Christopher Key Chapple Yoga History: Taking the Long View
Jacqueline Hargreaves A Maturing Wisdom: The Women of Modern Globalised Yoga
Philipp Maas Early Records of Āsana Practice
Ruth Westoby The Esoteric Feminine in Hathayoga Sources
David Gordon White Wells of Nectar, Pools of Life
Dagmar Wujastyk Healthcare and Longevity Practices in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Rasaśāstra
Seth Powell Visual and Material Evidence of Medieval Yoga and Yogis
Suzanne Newcombe Authenticity & Transformations in Yoga Traditions
Veena Howard Yoga Disciplines and Vows: Gandhi's Embodied Practices for Personal Empowerment and Social Change
Debashish Banerji Sri Aurobindo and the Indian Yoga Tradition
Thanissara An Integrated Awakening: From Separation to Seamless Reality
Miles Neale Beyond McMindfulness
Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche Our Pristine Mind
Joe Loizzo The Third Wave of Contemplative Life: The Embodied Art and Science of the Tantras
Ralph de la Rosa Touching the Earth: The Neuroscience of Natural Awakening
Robert Thurman TIbetan Culture: The Culture of Enlightenment
Isa Gucciardi Buddhism in the Western Therapeutic Environment
Thupten Jinpa Reason, Intuition, and the Science of Buddhism
Lama Tsultrim Allione Esoteric Wisdom and the Feminine Principle in Tibetan Buddhism
Dr. Miles Neale Bodhichitta: Radical Compassion in a World Gone Mad

Both! We have ongoing monthly live webinars that you are free to tune into, but you will also have unlimited access to our library of past lectures, webinars, panels, and workshops.

Currently, there are over 375 hours of courses in the library and over 200 hours of mini-trainings, workshops, lectures and panels from the Yoga Seminar and MindBody Seminar Archives. That's over 575 hours of video teachings.

Once you register, you will receive an email with login details. On your dashboard you will find access to our entire lecture library. You will also receive a new weekly talk posted to your dashboard, extracted from our latest Conference, Webinars, Panel Series or Summit, as well as a new live and interactive talk each month from both the Yoga Seminar & MindBody Seminar.

You will also receive two new courses per month - one in Yoga Philosophy and one in MindBody Therapy.

No. Certificate programs provide an additional level of support and mentorship from our faculty, as well as a more curated curriculum experience. Certificates enroll in the fall of each year.  Check out the Yoga Philosophy and MindBody Therapy certificate programs, if you think one might be right for you.

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