Radical Healing


Learn from 15 Respected Health Professionals
as they explore alternative methods that are changing the face of healthcare.


A revolution is occurring in all sectors of the health-care industry. Backed by decades of research, Eastern modalities such as meditation and yoga that were once considered fringe and alternative have grown in popularity and credibility and have now entered the mainstream. With greater attention paid to specific techniques, a window into the corresponding contemplative science and traditional psychology that underpin them has revealed a timeless wisdom as relevant to us today as ever before and nearly lost to humanity in our post-industrial age.

Current neuroscience and health research are confirming and embracing what perennial philosophies and contemplative traditions have always known about a human being’s incredible capacity for self-healing, compassion and creativity.

This conference aims to showcase a variety of contemplative therapies originating from India, China and Tibet, reveal the ancient science that supports them, the novel manner in which they have been integrated and clinically applied, share powerful stories of recovery and flourishing, offer a critique of our modern, industrialized paradigm and envision the new frontier of wellbeing.

Speakers Include

Angela Warburton

Christine Hoar

Dave Courchene

David Vago

Joe Loizzo

Kamau Kokayi

Sameet Kumar

Lena Falth

Lobsang Rapgay

Loren Fishman

Michael Lee

Miles Neale

Neal M Goldsmith

Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison

David Berceli

You'll Learn About


Talks Include

KEYNOTE: Radical Therapies: The Confluence of Breakthrough Science and Timeless Practice

with Joe Loizzo

For centuries, modern science and medicine have been straying further and further away from the healing wisdom and arts held in common by most humans throughout history. Now suddenly, two decades of breakthroughs have brought a dramatic shift in our modern views of human nature, illness, and health, sparking a revolution that is re-aligning our newest therapies with the world's timeless methods.

As a contemplative psychiatrist, Joe Loizzo has experienced this revolution firsthand, seeing medicine and psychotherapy transformed by their confluence with the timeless contemplative methods preserved in the East. His talk recounts this sea change, mapping the new science that tracks much of what ails us to an age-old source--stress emotions and habits--and charting the rising tide of evidence that mindfulness, compassion, and embodied methods like breath-control can help us turn the primal force of our nature to drive optimal health.

Dr. Loizzo explains how radical therapies bring together new science with timeless contemplative skills to shift mind, brain, and body from stress to wellbeing. His talk frames the recent watershed of mindfulness-based therapies as the first of three waves in this confluence, and then introduces its second and third waves: the compassion-based and embodied contemplative therapies of today and tomorrow that hold even greater promise for the future of health and wellbeing worldwide.

Buddhist Psychotherapy: Reuniting the Twin Streams of Science and Spirituality in a Degenerate Age

with Miles Neale

The stage is set for a paradigm shift, do you feel it? Western culture has been dominated by the ideologies of materialism, reductionism, and objectivism rooted in the dangerous world-view of nihilism for three centuries and while we have seen great technological breakthroughs we are also now on the cusp of ecological demise. The mindfulness revolution has opened a window for us to consider its deeper roots in Buddhism and with it a whole new paradigm that includes spirituality, consciousness, interdependence, and altruism. What do Buddhism and psychology each stand to learn from a mutually respectful dialogue and can Buddhist psychotherapy integrate the best of both worlds to offer us a scientific spirituality that can restore sanity in our degenerate age.

Intimacy in End of Life Care

with Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison

How do you function in relationship? How do you move from fear to fearlessness? How are you with your own process of aging, illness and dying? In this talk, Sensei Koshin Paley Ellison, Co-Founder of the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care, will explore these questions and six ways of reflecting on intimacy at end of life. 

The Physical Journey from "Muscle Contraction" to "Chi Activation" to "Higher Vibrational Frequencies"

with David Berceli

This lecture will be progressive in nature. We will begin by discussing the natural pulsation of the human organism and how this organic pulsation is interrupted by stressful or traumatic events. I will then explain Neurogenic tremors, which is a natural relaxation mechanism genetically encoded into human body to reduce muscular contractions created by stressful or dramatic events. This mechanism has been overlooked by traditional medical science and yet it fits perfectly in the realm of vibrational frequency, as understood in the field of physics. We will then progress forward in our discussion explaining how the release of deep muscular contraction creates a change at the cellular level allowing Chi or energetic release and movement to occur.

It appears that by continuously activating the series of innate mechanisms connected to our Neurogenic Tremor process, a reorganizational behavior emerges in the individual’s brain (Intrinsic Connectivity Network & neuroplasticity), spine (Central Pattern Generators), nervous & myofascial systems (vagus nerve), as well as their life as a whole. Collectively these changes in the human organism cause the individual to achieve a higher level of human adaptability. As we grow in the comfort and security of our inner self, it is our nature to extend this experience into relationships with others humans, animals, plants, universe, etc. Extension of ‘self’ occurs automatically – we do not have to try. Research suggests that just as evolution produced in humans the flight/fight/freeze tendencies, it may have also produced a psycho-neuro- biologically based tendency feel connected to all things. The stronger we feel the connection, the easier it is for us to evolve as a species.

Modern Day Chinese Medicine: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Times

with Angela Warburton

In this rich talk, you will learn the foundations and key principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You'll learn how to interpret and understand the many subtle (or not so subtle) signs your body is giving out and the ways you can help bring balance back to your body, mind and spirit. Based on the principle of balance, this medicine evolved over thousands of years by observing people, their ailments and their environments, and uses nature and lifestyle to help prevent sickness, maintain health and heal illness. Simple to understand but with incredible depth and complexity, this talk is a great introduction into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Contemplative Neuroscience: Past and Present Perspectives for the Future Science of Mind 

with David Vago

Yoga in Orthopedics: Research Data on the Powerful Influence of Yoga Practice on a Variety of Conditions

with Loren Fishman

Psychedelics & Plant Medicines in Oncology Care 

with Sameet Kumar

Psycheology: Psychedelics and the Study of the Soul

with Neal M. Goldsmith


Ayurvedic Medicine in Theory and Practice

with Christine Hoar

Indigenous Perspectives on Healing and Wellness

with Dave Courchene

In Search of Healing

with Kamau Kokayi

How the Four Foundations of Mindfulness can enhance the clinical application of MBSR

with Lobsang Rapgay

What You'll Receive

15 MP3S

About the Speakers

Angela Warburton

Angela has been treating, educating and empowering people about their health since 2001.

In her private practice, as clinic director of Urban Wellness (an integrative health clinic in downtown Toronto), as a faculty member at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto (, a frequent workshop presenter and lecturer including the University of Toronto and a regular expert guest on the Steven and Chris show (CBC/Slice Network), Angela brings her enthusiasm and expertise to educate, inspire and empower people in every medium possible.

Having a background in health sciences studying nutrition and dietetics at McGill university, a degree in Psychology as well as her extensive and ongoing training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Angela pulls from her diverse background to offer the wisdom of traditional medicines combined with the most up-to-date, relevant and impactful options available for her patients and students. Angela has additional training in applied mindfulness based mediation and runs a weekly mindful meditation group out of her clinic in Toronto.

Whether it be educating and inspiring people about food and nutrition, mental and emotional healing or just general wellness, Angela’s whole person based approach to wellness aims to leave people inspired, feeling better and with a practical group of customized tips and tools for their life.

Angela is passionate about helping people achieve their optimum state of health, vitality and well-being: Mind, body and spirit.

angel received the first Creating Enlightened Society Award from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.  For over 15 years, she has deeply invested her time and energy to putting into practice her unwavering belief that the key to transforming society is transforming our inner lives. She has developed comprehensive systems for illuminating both practical personal change and the profoundly liberating potential of mindfulness, yoga, and somatic practices coupled with wisdom teachings. Calling for a paradigm shift that “changes the way change is done,” angel envisions the building of a presence-centered social justice movement as the foundation for personal freedom, a just society and the healing of divisions of race, class, faith and politic.

Both fierce and grounded, she is known for her unflinching willingness to both sit with and speak uncomfortable truths with love. Her work has been widely covered by such publications as New York TimesBoston GlobeMs., Essence, BuddhadharmaVillage Voice, and on the Oxygen Channel. angel notes, “Love and justice are not two. Without inner change, there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.” Whether in writing, teaching or speaking, her voice is unique.

Christine Hoar

Christine Hoar is the founder and director of Bristol Yoga, VT and Ashtanga Montauk, NY.

Christine has been a practitioner and teacher of the Ashtanga Yoga System for for over 20 years. From 1997-2014, she served as the founder and director of Vermont’s only dedicated Ashtanga Yoga studio, Bristol Yoga. She now resides and teaches in Montauk, New York. Specializing in the integration of the Ashtanga system of asana with the principles of Ayurveda and the depth of Yogic philosophy, Christine offers students unique insights into discovering greater joy, freedom, and self-transformation.

Christine is also a certified Ayurvedic consultant and educator. As a teacher and practitioner, she is devoted to creating health and joy by fostering a sense of inner peace and interconnectedness with our natural environment.

When you study with Christine, you will find yourself engaged with a teacher that integrates mindfulness and humor, strength and fluidity, alignment and intuition. Christine is passionate about the teachings, and brings a gentle, compassionate, and light-hearted, yet powerful, hands-on approach.

Christine is blessed and authorized to teach by her guru, the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore. She graduated from Amherst College with a degree in Biology. And she completed post-graduate studies at the Kripalu College of Ayurveda in Lennox, MA, and the Dixit Clinic of Ayurveda and the Mumuksha School of Ayurvedic Massage in Mysore, India.


Dave Courchene

Dave Courchene – Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Leading Earth Man) has travelled internationally, carrying a message of hope and peace.  Dave shares the ancient knowledge of the Original People of Turtle Island, that he believes can act as the foundation in supporting the New Life that Mother Earth is now entering, and that the Elders have confirmed has arrived.

He has created a special place for sharing the ancient knowledge of the Original Peoples – the Turtle Lodge – built based on a vision he received many years ago. The Original People have always relied on visions and dreams to give guidance and direction in life.

Dave was honoured by leaders and Elders of the Original Peoples at the 2010 International Indigenous Leadership Gathering, and with a National Aboriginal Achievement (INDSPIRE) Award in Culture, Heritage & Spirituality, and the Volunteer Manitoba Award for Outstanding Community Leadership in 2012, for the work associated with his message and vision, including the work he has done inspiring young people.

His recent work has involved initiating International Roundtables Supporting Ancient Indigenous Knowledge at the Turtle Lodge and the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC, which have been co-led by US Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He delivered the Opening Keynote and conducted the Opening Ceremonies at the 2010 G8 Summit on World Religions.  Dave is the Lead Elder of the Elders Circle Seven, who co-created Mikinak-Keya – The Spirit Tour, the signature tour of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  He is also the founding Elder of the Giigewigamig (pronounced Kee-gay-ga-mik) Traditional Healing Centre at the Pine Falls Hospital, which is independently managed by Elders from the Sagkeeng, Black River, Hollow Water and Bloodvein First Nations.

Dave has shared the stage twice with the Dalai Lama to bring a message of peace in Newark, New Jersey and Monterrey, Mexico.  In the Spring of 2011, Dave initiated the Grandmother Teachings on coming of age and Vision Quest rites of passage for youth of all cultures at the Turtle Lodge.

David Vago

David Vago is Research Director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He is an associate professor in the department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. He also maintains an appointment as a research associate in the Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory (FNL), Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), Harvard Medical School. He has completed post-doctoral fellowships in the department of Psychiatry at BWH, the Utah Center for Mind-Body Interactions within the University of Utah Medical School, and the Stuart T. Hauser Research Training Program in Biological & Social Psychiatry. David has previously held the position of Senior Research Coordinator for the Mind & Life Institute and is currently a Mind and Life Fellow, supporting the Mind and Life mission by advising on strategy and programs. He received his Bachelors Degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences in 1997 from the University of Rochester. In 2005, David received his Ph.D. in Cognitive and Neural Sciences with a specialization in learning and memory from the department of Psychology, University of Utah.

David’s research interests broadly focus on utilizing translational models to identify and characterize neurobiological substrates mediating psychopathology, to better predict outcomes and potential biologically-based diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for those suffering with mental illness. He aims to clarify adaptive mind-brain-body interactions and their therapeutic relevance in psychiatric settings. In this context, David has been specifically focusing on the study of mindfulness-based interventions in clinical settings, and the basic cognitive and neuroscientific mechanisms by which mindfulness-based practices function. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, spoken at international conferences, and his research has been covered by mainstream news outlets such as the Huffington Post, Boston Globe, and NPR, among others. David is an avid Vipassana, Dzogchen meditation and Hatha Yoga practitioner, and enjoys recreating in the outdoors.

David Berceli

David Berceli, Ph.D. is an international author, presenter and trainer in the areas of trauma intervention stress reduction and resiliency strengthening. He has lived and worked in war-torn countries and natural disaster zones around the world. He specializes in trauma recovery with large populations i.e., military personnel, national and international relief agencies, and government and non-government organizations whose staff are living and working in trauma-inducing environments. Dr. Berceli is also the creator of a revolutionary set of Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). David is the author of: The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process: Transcend Your Toughest Times. Currently he teaches trauma recovery and awareness in 40 countries and provides relief services through his non-profit organization to survivors of natural and human made disasters around the world ( 

Because of his experiences in situations of poverty, violence and natural disasters he sought to gain a balanced understanding of the effects of trauma on the human person. His academic career includes a degree in Social Work (PhD), Clinical Social Work (MA), Theology (MA), Middle Eastern Studies (MA). He is also certified as a Massage Therapist (MT), and Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT). He is currently a Board Certified Psychoneurologist and a Certified Neurotherapy Instructor.  These diverse fields of study helped him to see the interactive nature of the human’s psyche, spirit, neurology, physiology and social relationships.

Joe Loizzo

Joe Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D. is a contemplative psychotherapist, clinical researcher, and Buddhist scholar-teacher who integrates ancient contemplative science and technology with current breakthroughs in neuroscience and optimal health. After training in psychiatry at Harvard and completing a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies at Columbia, he founded Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, a non-profit that helps people build sustainable happiness, compassion, and leadership through integrating science-based contemplative skills into their daily lives.

On faculty at the Weill Cornell Center for Integrative Medicine and the Columbia University Center for Buddhist Studies, Dr. Loizzo lectures widely on the role of meditative learning in the future of heath, education, and leadership, and teaches regular public classes and workshops at his Nalanda Institute, and Tibet House US. In 2007, he published Nagarjuna’s Reason Sixty with Chandrakirti’s Commentary, a translation study of contemplative self-analysis in Buddhism. His second book, Sustainable Happiness: The Mind Science of Well-Being, Altruism, and Inspiration, appeared in the Routledge Behavioral Science Series in 2012. He has published dozens of chapters and articles on contemplative science in peer reviewed books and journals including The Journal of Religion, the Annual Review of Psychiatry, and the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Dr. Loizzo has a private psychotherapy practice in Manhattan, where he lives with his wife, Gerardine, and their sons Maitreya and Ananda.

Kamau Kokayi

Dr. Kamau Kokayi received his Medical Doctorate from Yale School of Medicine, and completed his residency with board certification in Family Medicine. He went on to be certified in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Applied kinesiology, and has extensive post graduate homeopathic training in US and Europe.   With over 30 years experience integrating allopathic medical science with bioenergetic therapies and traditional healing systems, Dr. Kokayi’s broad knowledge base and depth of understanding provide him with a multi dimensional lens to evaluate and treat patients suffering in body, mind, and spirit. Dr Kokayi also graduated from the Priesthood of the Ausar Auset Society, a traditional African spiritual society, was a radio talk show host for nine years in the Pacifica network, and has two documentary films to his credit. 

Lobsang Rapgay

Lobsang Rapgay is research psychologist at UCLA and director of the Clinical Training program for Mental Health Professionals at the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, UCLA. Born in Lhasa, Tibet, in 1958 the 4-year-old Rapgay and his family fled the approach of Chinese soldiers with a caravan of refugees on a seven-day trek into the Himalayas. They settled in Dharamsala, India, which would become the home-in-exile of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government. After completing studies at a Catholic boarding school and Delhi University, where he trained as a Buddhist monk, Rapgay in 1978 became a deputy secretary and English-language interpreter for His Holiness. At the Dalai Lama's Tibetan Medicine and Astrology Institute, Rapgay began learning ancient Buddhist meditative practices. He earned a doctorate in clinical psychology and wrote four books, including "Tibetan Medicine: A Holistic Approach to Better Health," before coming to California to study psychoanalysis. Rapgay joined the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior in 1996 and kept his monastic vows until 2000.


Lena Falth

Lena Falth is a Reiki Master Educator. Her healing mission began after a near-death experience in 1995, which led her to seek Reiki training and earn her Reiki Master degree within the revered, traditional Usui-Hawayo Takata Lineage.

Since the beginning of her Reiki training until the present, Lena has devoted her professional life to practicing Reiki and training others in this sacred art. The profound relaxation that Reiki energy healing induces can lead to expanded states of subtle awareness that allows Lena to guide her clients into sacred journeying, soul exploration and soul reconnection which often contributes to the healing of stress, trauma, anxiety and depression.

Since 2009, Lena has been the Director of Integrative Reiki and faculty Reiki Master at the Urban Zen Foundations initiative – The Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program (UZIT) in N.Y.C.

There, Lena developed a one year professional curriculum for Reiki Energy Medicine and guided the education of more than 450 healthcare practitioners, doctors, nurses and yoga practitioners - at UCLA Medical Center and Kent State University. Her students practice rotation at clinical sites in NYC hospitals, including Beth Israel, Montefiore, The Farber Center and patient support groups like Hope Lodge and You Can Thrive Breast Cancer Foundation.

Lena is dedicated to promoting the evidence-based effectiveness of Reiki energy healing into modern healthcare and as a transformational self-care practice.

Sameet Kumar


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