January - March 2019

The Embodied Brain

A 75-Hour Online Training in Yoga, Neuroplasticity & the New Science


The sudden rise of a radical new approach to the study of mind and spirit is partly the result of the discoveries around neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity, the discovery that the brain is not static but continuously regenerating itself based on human practices and activities, has revolutionized the scientific study of mind and spirit.

Suddenly, once fringe and seemingly irrelevant practices like yoga and meditation, are shown to be powerful and legitimate tools to harnessing the brain's regenerative power in the service of expanding consciousness for oneself and the world. 

For the first quarter of 2019, Embodied Philosophy presents a diverse curriculum of courses, journal issues, and an online conference, all exploring the research and implications of neuroplasticity for contemplative practice and for an embodied life. 

Join us for one course or for the full 75-hour certificate program. Students participating in the certificate program will receive mentorship on a final project that explores a subject or topic on neuroplasticity and contemplative practice.


75-Hour Certificate Includes

75 Hours of Courses, Research & Practice

Three 4-Module Online Courses on Neuroscience, the Brain, Yoga and Contemplative Practice

4-Part Lecture Series on Psychedelic Integration and the Brain

Full Access to the Embodied Brain Online Conference Resource Package

3 Months of Access to the Yoga Seminar

Bonus Access to a Past Conference on Contemplative Science

Readings & Assignments

Final Project Mentorship 

75 Yoga Alliance Cont. Ed. Credits

75 Embodied Philosophy Credits

About the Programming


The Embodied Brain: An Online Conference on Yoga, Neuroplasticity and the New Science

February 5th - 7th, 2019 with Various Teachers

In our seventh online conference, Embodied Philosophy has invited celebrated teachers, scholars and researchers to explore the exciting discovery of neuroplasticity and how it is shifting the scientific paradigm, challenging our previous notions about the brain, and transforming our understanding of the mind-body connection. Three days of talks will introduce you to research, scholarship and practices that will enrich your understanding of both science and contemplative practice.

Three Online Courses

The Science of Spirit: Neuroplasticity, Contemplative Practice and the New Scientific Paradigm

with Dr. Joe Loizzo (Jan - Feb)

This course explores the sudden rise of a radical new approach to the scientific study of mind and spirit. By showing that mental and spiritual acts like attention and intention alter brain activity and neural structure down to the genes, neuroplasticity research effectively proves that mind and spirit do matter, challenging science to take them seriously as forces of nature.

The Global Mystic: Meditation, the Brain, and Humanity’s Mystical Birthright

with Kenneth Rose (Feb - Mar)

This course explores the trajectory of mystical experience as it is found across multiple meditation and contemplative traditions, including yoga, buddhism and esoteric christianity. While the ubiquitous occurrence of mystical experience has been well noted by figures like William James and others, recent brain research is offering a new lens through which to understand humanity’s mystical birthright.

Yoga & Neuroscience: Harnessing the Power of the Brain

with Sonia Sequiera (Mar - Apr)

In this practical course, yogis and meditators alike will explore the neuroscience research as it informs and illuminates yogic practice. What precisely does yoga and meditation to the brain? What kinds of practices can we harness in the service of expanding our neural capacities, both in the brain and throughout the body? These and other questions will be explored in this practice-based course.


The Lecture Series

Psychedelic Integration: On Psychedelics, the Brain, and Contemplative Integration

March - April with Various Teachers 

In this 4-part lecture series, researchers, psychotherapists and psychedelic facilitators come together to discuss the research around psychedelics and integrative practices that harness neuroplasticity in the wake of psychedelic experience.

Online Journal Issues

Certificate students will be required to read and submit short reflection assignments on all three TARKA Journal issues for the quarter.

The New Scientific Paradigm: Scientism, Orthodoxy & the New Science

January 2019

This issue will examine the intersection of science and contemplative studies, including critiques of older scientific models that ignore holistic methods.

The Mystical Brain: Neuroplasticity, Psychedelics & Nondual Experience

February 2019

An interreligious look at meditation, contemplation, the mystical experience, and their effects upon the mind-body complex.

The Embodied Brain: On Yoga & Neuroplasticity

March 2019

This issue will consider modes of the body’s cultivation (diet, movement, etc.) as conditions for awakened states of consciousness. 

Final Project & Prize

Members of our Faculty will mentor each Certificate participant on the initial proposal, planning and execution of their final project. Students have the option of writing a paper, course plan, or powerpoint presentation.

The best submission will be awarded the Viveka Prize and will be either published in our online journal, TARKA, or will be presented as a portion of our online programming. 

Join us for a quarter of profound exploration into the intersection of neuroplasticity, yoga and contemplative practice.

CERTIFICATE in Neuroplasticity and Contemplative Science:

  • 40 Credits - 4 Courses ($508 Value)

  • 15 Credits - Conference ($97 Value)

  • 10 Credits - Tarka Readings & Bonus Conference Reflections ($97 Value)

  • 10 Credits - Response Essay & Mentorship ($297 Value)

Join us for the Entire Certificate Program or Just One of our Quarter's Courses

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The Embodied Brain

On Yoga, Neuroplasticity and Contemplative Practice


Presented by Embodied Philosophy

EARLY BIRD (before 1/1): A One-Time Investment of $397, or 3 Monthly Payments of $137 
After January 1st, $447 or 3 Payments of $165 

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4 Online Courses

An Online Conference Resource Package

A Bonus Conference Package

Readings & Reflection Assignments

Final Project Mentorship

75 Y.A. Credits

75 Embodied Philosophy Credits

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4 Online Courses

An Online Conference Resource Package

A Bonus Conference Package

Readings & Reflection Assignments

Final Project Mentorship

75 Y.A. Credits

75 Embodied Philosophy Credits

Pop-Up Facebook Group





Access to ONE of the Following Courses:

1. The Science of Spirit
2. The Global Mystic
3. Yoga & Neuroscience
4. Psychedelic Integration

**Once registered, you'll receive details on how to make your course selection.


NOTE: Recordings of the live sessions are made available the following day on your course dashboard. Presence at the scheduled times is not required for participation.


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