In this vibrant, experiential course, Sanskrit scholar, Religious Studies professor, workshop leader, and intuitive counselor Constantina Rhodes, Ph.D. will introduce you to the gracious goddess Lakshmi and how aligning with her divine essence can help you experience greater harmony and well-being in your life.

According to classical Hindu teachings on the goddess, a life well lived encompasses four essential "Paths to Abundance".... very loosely translated as Harmonious Relationships, Material Prosperity, Pleasure, and Spiritual Connection with Divine Source. Each is recognized as a different aspect of the goddess's essence and therefore all four together represent the most satisfying and bounteous life experience.

Each week, Constantina will introduce one of the paths with teachings from the ancient texts; she'll then offer practical self-exploratory exercises relating to that path; and finally, she'll lead you in a blissful, guided meditation to facilitate your own personal connection with the magnificent energy of the goddess.

About Your Teacher

Constantina Rhodes is an acclaimed scholar of Sanskrit and the spiritual traditions of India, as well as a Certified Intuitive Consultant and Certified Instructor of Intuitive Development. Constantina holds a doctorate in South Asian Languages and Religions from Columbia University. She was a full professor with tenure at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida before moving back to New York City, where she teaches in the Program in Religion at Hunter College of the City University of New York. She has served on the steering committee of the Society for Tantric Studies; was an inaugural member of the Tantric Studies Group of the American Academy of Religion; and has held prestigious elected office as President of the American Academy of Religion. Constantina has practiced yoga and meditation for most of her life. She spent two years living and studying in India, and over the course of several decades she has received mantra initiation in the lineages of Transcendental Meditation, Integral Yoga, and Siddha Yoga. She is a Level II Usui Reiki practitioner and draws upon healing energy within her sessions. As a Certified Intuitive Consultant, Constantina engages in an ancient art that both enhances and is enhanced by her longtime meditation practice. 

You'll Learn About

Harmonious Relationships
Material Abundance
Spiritual Freedom


MODULE #1: The Path of Harmonious Relationships

What's your story? In our first segment, we'll explore Lakshmi as Dharma. Dharma is a loaded word with many meanings, from "foundation" to "responsibility" to "harmonious relationships" to "doing the right thing."  Dharma also means "path," and therefore it's about discovering our way, our life-path, and considering first of all how we relate to being in this world. Are we comfortable in our body? in our home?  What is our relationship with our self, with our loved ones, friends and family, co-workers, community, country, and the divine itself? How does Lakshmi inspire us to walk in balance and beauty?

MODULE #2: The Path of Material Wealth

Mo'money!? Have you fast-forwarded to this aspect of Lakshmi? Most certainly, Lakshmi is most widely adored as the bestower of material wealth. In this segment we will delve into the Lakshmi teachings on what "wealth" is, where it comes from, and how to generate it. We'll consider Lakshmi as both Artha (material stuff) and Dhana (the overarching "prosperity" and "prosperity consciousness" from which the material stuff springs). We'll also consider the teachings on what blocks us from generating and/or maintaining wealth, and how to move forward on the path of material abundance.

MODULE #3: The Path of Enjoyment

Are we having fun yet? A spiritual path that advocates savoring the lusciousness of life? That advocates jumping right in? Yes, indeed.  This entire world is said to be the very body of the goddess, and the path of enjoyment embraces pleasure, delight, sensuality, and sexuality. It's about savoring, right down to rejoicing in that first sip of coffee in the morning.  We will consider how expanding consciously into pleasures of the senses brings us a certain type of rich, even divine experience of the world. At other times, we may seek to fully contract from the world and turn inward, which leads us to the fourth path...

MODULE #4: The Path of Spiritual Freedom

I want out! As worldly travelers, we want into the world until we realize we want out.... when we wearily feel that, as Wordsworth said, "The world is too much with us." The Lakshmi teachings offer a goddess who is called bhukti-mukti-pradayini  -- that is, "bestower of worldly enjoyment [bhukti] and spiritual liberation [mukti].  Ultimately, this plays out in two ways for those of us living in the world. First, we learn to enter into the "middle space" between the inhalation and exhalation, between past and future, between what was crossed off our to-do list and what's still there demanding to be accomplished.  We learn to create a time and a space to stop, drop off the grid of the world, and step into the void. For just as Lakshmi is embodiment of the manifest world, so too is she embodiment of the effulgent collapsing into emptiness, the dark void from which all springs forth anew. So we learn to disengage and refresh ourselves. Emerging from the void, we may then return to the world and the three other paths with renewed clarity, perspective, and energy. And as an even more subtle way to tread the path of spiritual freedom, we may ultimately embrace the power of walking all four paths simultaneously... for, according to the most subtle Lakshmi teachings, being in the world and stepping away from the world are actually one.


4 Downloadable Video Lectures
4 MP3s
Course Readings
10 Embodied Philosophy Credits

Join Professor Constantina Rhodes as she explores the profound teachings, philosophy and symbolism of the goddess Lakshmi.

You Will:

  • learn how spiritual and material abundance emerge from the same divine source
  • learn spiritual steps to increase and stay aligned with divine prosperity consciousness
  • learn practical steps to increase the health of your relationships, finances, spiritual practices, and sweet enjoyment of life's journey
  • be guided in enjoyable, insightful contemplative exercises to discover what you really want to manifest in your life
  • receive sacred mantras for invoking Lakshmi
  • experience powerful guided meditations and visualizations of the goddess
  • experience how all four paths constitute one continuous whole
  • learn how to recognize and avoid self-sabotage
  • receive practical homework suggestions to keep you aligned with your greatest good
  • learn about the authentic textual and scholarly sources of these teachings

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Four Paths to Abundance


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