Future of the Yoga Teacher

Hosted by Jacob Kyle, Featuring Celebrated Guests


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Featuring some of the most influential voices from the yoga community.

PANEL 1: Yoga Teacher and Activism

July 11th: A Conversation with Margherita Tisato and Oneika Mays

PANEL 2: Yoga Teacher and Healing

July 18th: A Conversation with Ally Bogard and Scott Lyons

PANEL 3: Yoga Teacher and Physical Therapy

July 26th: A Conversation with Matthew Taylor and Diana Zotos Florio

PANEL 4: Yoga Teacher and Scholarship

August 8th: A Conversation with Genny Wilkinson-Priest

PANEL 5: Yoga Teacher and Spirituality

August 15th: A Conversation with Hari-kirtana das and Pranada dasi

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