Register now for the free webinar  -  From Ownership to Belonging: Ecopsychological Models of Relationship with the More-than-Human World of Nature

It’s becoming increasingly obvious how our collective behaviors are bringing the living world as we know it to the brink of destruction. Ecopsychology teaches us that understanding the implicit ideas beneath such behaviors can help us shift them. The currently dominant industrial growth society contains several deeply-seated cultural assumptions that have contributed to our shared situation. This lecture unpacks some of these, then offers alternative models of relationship with the more-than-human world of nature that are often found in older cultures worldwide. Inspiring stories will be told, and participants will be given an easy contemplative nature-connection exercise to do at home.

In this talk, we'll learn: 

  • Largely unquestioned dominant cultural assumptions that have led to widespread environmentally destructive behaviors
  • Three alternative models of human-nature relationship, some held by older cultures across the globe
  • An easy contemplative exercise to come into more conscious, joyful, and mutually beneficial relationship with the more-than-human world right outside your door

This talk will be live and interactive on Thursday, July 30th @ 7pm ET, but all those who register will receive a link to watch the recording on their own time, if they can't show up live.

Register now for the free webinar.

LIVE: Thursday, July 30th at 7pm EST

About the Instructor

Tina R. Fields, Ph.D., serves as Professor in the M.A. Ecopsychology program at Naropa University and USA co-representative to the International Ecopsychology Society. Dr. Fields has taught about the psychological, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of environmental issues since 1999, including five years of teaching and living fully outdoors. She is certified in Forest Medicine through the Japan-based International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine. She is also a seasoned wilderness rites-of-passage guide facilitating spiritually transformative experiences, scholar/practitioner of latter-day Druidry, community songleader, contradance caller, and co-editor of So What? Now What? The Anthropology of Consciousness Responds to a World in Crisis. See her blog: indigenize.wordpress.com


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