April - June 2019

Embodied Healing Certificate Program

A 75-Hour Online Training in 

the Somatics & Psychology of Trauma, Healing & Embodiment


A new wave of somatic professionals, researchers and healers are shifting our approach to embodiment and developing new tools and techniques to listen to the body's inherent wisdom.

In a culture that prioritizes the cognitive aspects of life, the language of the body often goes unheard. In turn, the effects of early childhood factors, generational trauma and social injustice receive little, if any, attention in the process of healing. 

While talk therapy may play an important role in the process of healing, we are leaving out a significant area of insight if we fail to incorporate the forms of somatic attunement that are both ancient, in the practices of yoga and meditation, and modern, in the contemporary approaches offered by the faculty of our Embodied Healing Certificate Program.

For the second quarter of 2019, Embodied Philosophy presents a diverse curriculum of courses, journal issues, and an online conference, all exploring the research and techniques around trauma, Jungian shadow psychology, the somatic effects of social injustice, shamanic healing techniques and practices for cultivating intimacy. 

Join us for the full 75-hour certificate program. Students participating in the certificate program will receive mentorship on a final project that explores a subject or topic on the somatics & psychology of trauma, healing and embodiment. 

75-Hour Certificate Includes

75 Hours of Courses, Research & Practice

Three 4-Module Online Courses on Somatics & Psychology

Full Access to the Tracing Trauma Online Conference Resource Package

3 Months of Access to the Yoga Seminar

Bonus Access to the Embodied Brain Resource Package

Readings & Assignments

Final Project Mentorship 

75 Yoga Alliance Cont. Ed. Credits

75 Embodied Philosophy Credits

About the Programming


Tracing Trauma: An Online Conference on the Somatics & Psychology of Trauma Healing

April 12th - 14th, 2019 with Various Teachers

Discover new tools and methods of healing in the wake of trauma.  Explore the latest research on trauma from some of the field’s leading professionals. Whether you’re a somatic professional, therapist, yoga teacher or researcher, join us to learn evidence-based strategies that will transform your personal or professional practice.

Three Online Courses

Light in the Shadow: Shadow Yoga, Shamanism, & Psychology

with Isa Gucciardi 

(Apr 10 - May 8)

This course explores the nature of trauma and the way it drives our everyday experience – often in unrecognized ways. We will look at the different ways in which we ‘store’ traumatic experience and explore different methods for
approaching the resolution of traumatic experience. The class focuses on the personal transformation model of Depth Hypnosis.

Embodying Social Justice: Understanding the Trauma of Oppression

with Rae Johnson 

(May 9 - May 30)

This course introduces an embodied approach to understanding and transforming
entrenched patterns of relating to others based on inequitable social power dynamics. Grounded
in current research, it offers a clear description of how oppression is experienced as a bodily ‘felt
sense’ and identifies the mostly unconscious behaviors that perpetuate oppression.

Intimacy & Embodiment: Practices for Cultivating Relationship

with David Bullard 

(June 4 - June 25)

This practical course will highlight the obstacles to intimacy in our culture and tools to transmute those obstacles into opportunities for deeper intimacy both with ourself and with the people in our lives.

Online Journal Issues

Certificate students will be required to read and submit short reflection assignments on two of three TARKA Journal issues for the quarter.

Transforming Trauma

April 2019

This issue will examine the sources of trauma, the traces of trauma that are stored in the body, and some of the contemplative modalities being used to address embodied trauma.

Somatic Healing and Social Justice

May 2019

This issue will feature a number of somatic approaches to embodiment, as well as the ways in which somatic work integrates with spiritual awareness and social justice.

The Spirituality of Sex & Intimacy

June 2019

This issue will consider the obstacles to intimacy in our culture, and what sex has to do with spiritual insight. 

Final Project & Prize

Members of our Faculty will mentor each Certificate participant on the initial proposal, planning and execution of their final project. Students have the option of writing a research paper, lesson plan, or powerpoint presentation.

The best submission will be awarded the Viveka Prize and will be either published in our online journal, TARKA, or will be presented as a portion of our online programming. 

Join us for a quarter of profound exploration into the study of somatics, psychology, trauma, and embodiment.

75-Hour CERTIFICATE in Somatic Studies:

  • 30 Credits - 3 Courses ($381 Value)

  • 15 Credits - Tracing Trauma Conference ($97 Value)

  • 10 Credits - Tarka Readings & Conference Reflections ($97 Value)

  • 10 Credits - Response Essay & Mentorship ($297 Value)

  • 10 Credits - Independent Study & Research

Join us for the Entire Certificate Program

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Embodied Healing

On the Somatics & Psychology of Trauma, Healing & Embodiment


Presented by Embodied Philosophy

EARLY BIRD (before 4/5): A One-Time Investment of $397, or 3 Monthly Payments of $147 
After April 10th, $497 or 3 Payments of $167

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3 Online Courses

Tracing Trauma Conference Resource Package

Embodied Brain Conference Resource Package

Readings & Reflection Assignments

Final Project Mentorship

75 Y.A. Credits

75 Embodied Philosophy Credits

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3 Online Courses

Tracing Trauma Conference Resource Package

Embodied Brain Conference Resource Package

Readings & Reflection Assignments

Final Project Mentorship

75 Y.A. Credits

75 Embodied Philosophy Credits

Pop-Up Facebook Group


NOTE: Recordings of the live sessions are made available the following day on your course dashboard. Presence at the scheduled times is not required for participation.


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